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Therapist Thumb Savers™️
Therapist Thumb Savers™️
Therapist Thumb Savers™️
Therapist Thumb Savers™️
Therapist Thumb Savers™️

Therapist Thumb Savers™️

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The only tool a Therapist need for a strong & effective massage.


The therapist's thumb savers™️ is a handheld massage tool that takes off the pressure from thumb and diverts it throughout the hand which helps to in providing a deep tissue and trigger point massage without any thumb pain or strain.

  • Made of a superior ABS material with a natural grip for fingers and thumb
  • Effective for unlocking and releasing neck and back tensions and trigger point relief
  • Snug fit - allows for deep penetrating massage without any thumb strain
  • Washable - May be used with even oil or cream as an easy gliding tool

The therapist's thumb savers™️ is perfect for deep tissue massage on all parts of the body. Its unique design helps save the hand/wrist from unneeded stress and pain that is normally incorporated with manual massage. Perfect for use on yourself (Thigh, Feet, Arms, Calves, Etc.) as well as on others (Back, Neck, Hamstrings and all other hard to reach parts).

It is recommended to use this tool with massage oil to get a deeper effect and protect the skin from the discomfort of dry friction.

Easy to Use on self and on others
The Therapist Thumb Savers helps you to apply the perfect amount of pressure with less effort to obtain a deep trigger point massage for yourself as well as for others. The efficient structure that allows a tight grip for maximum effectiveness. 

Relieves stress from body parts
Works on various parts of the body such as the neck, back, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc. increasing blood flow while relieving muscle tension and knots. The Therapist Thumb has a smooth surface which saves your thumb and joints from the normal wear and tear of manual massage.

Effective to use it with oil or cream
Use this tool with massage oil or cream to knead out stress from the body and protect skin from dryness and discomfort. Works well as an extension of your hand in providing just the right amount of pressure


Therapist Thumb Savers implements a safe way of working by transferring the workload away from the muscles, onto the skeletal system. By avoiding direct use of the thumb; uneven, repetitive stress to muscles and joint capsules of both the hand and arm are eliminated and your career is extended.

Therapist Thumb Savers is ideal for trigger point, deep tissue, and reflexology treatment!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Whether you are a professional, or someone that wants a tool to work out tension on themselves...this is a great product. Much better than the old thumb savers that fits around your thumb.


Your thumbs will love you for this. I have to do daily self-massage to keep my muscles happy, but it doesn't make my thumbs happy. They get cramped and sore. This device is designed really well, and it's super comfy to hold. I have small hands, but this fits. Your thumb goes on the top side of the device so the molded plastic is pushing into your muscles. I will admit, that if you're massaging someone else, you'll have palpate first before digging in. I think it will be easy to get used to, though. It makes massaging so much easier on your hands without sacrificing deep pressure.


I have constant tightness at the base of my skull/neck from stress/computer/driving/etc. I don't have time for messages and self messaging is tough in that area without killing your thumbs. This tool is incredible for self messaging my neck. If you have neck pain like I do, the only thing I'd suggest is to order 2 of these for working both sides at the same time. The tool deserves 6 stars. Fast shipping and I'm ordering a second one right away.


This is probably the best product I have bought being a massage therapist. It fits the hand like it was specifically molded by my own hand. I love it. It eases the pressure off of the pad of my thumb for deep tissue and trigger point therapy.


This thing is awesome! I wish I’d found it long ago. My hands tend to ache, overuse has given me arthritis, this little tool gives me the ability to give a massage to my husband or even my own legs without pain. Truly a blessing to not have pain!