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Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap
Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap
Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap
Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap
Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap
Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap

Neoprene Shoulder Support Strap

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High-quality custom fit shoulder strap to aid injuries such as bursitis, myositis and tendonitis.

When to use it

  • Use to aid the healing process of injuries to the shoulder and shoulder joint.
  • Common conditions
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Torn muscles or ligaments
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Rotator cuff tendons injury
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Myositis

Which size do I need?

Fits left or right shoulder.

Measure the circumference of the upper arm. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger size.

  • Medium 25 - 27.5cm
  • Large 28 - 29.5cm
  • Extra Large 30 - 32.5cm

How it works

Compression, heat therapy, support and comfort are all directed at the shoulder to quicken the healing process after injury.

By retaining heat, this support helps to ease shoulder pain while reducing the stiffness of the muscles. The strap is designed to apply pressure where it is most needed - to the Deltoid and Rotator cuff tendons, which is around the 'ball' of the shoulder.

This shoulder strap can be worn by both men and women comfortably over prolonged periods without cutting into the skin or causing irritations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Was having a significant amount of shoulder and arm pain, guessing it is from rotator cuff and AC Joint. I am a 58yo male. I ordered 2 of these to try. I put it on and adjusted per the instructions. The pain subsided and I have acceptable range of motion without it hurting. Wearing it allows me to work outside with mowers and chain saws, etc. within reason. If you are (like me) a bit more "fluffy" than the models in the pictures, it does rub a bit at the neck and where the sleeve adjustments are. I wear it over a tee shirt and it helps. I bought two so I could have one on while the other is in the laundry.


I was able to use my arm while the brace supported my shoulder. I believe it really helped me to start to recover more quickly. I'm a small person and I was able to adjust it down to my size. Very pleased and would recommend it.


I tore my rotatory cuff and have been in a lot of pain. This brace fits very well and I wear it all night. It is the only way I am able to get some sleep.
Its pretty comfortable as well. I highly recommend this brace!


et me begin by saying that this product should not replace any medical advice, physical therapy, etc. However, for those of us who don't want to have a shoulder looked at, I recommend this product.

This product is reasonably comfortable and easily adjustable. It uses Velcro to adjust the strap across the chest and Velcro to adjust the sleeve. There is a comfortable Velcro "guard" that products your back from the scratchiness of the Velcro, however, there is one lacking for the front (I cut a hole in a sock and it did the job well enough). This product does not breath well - wearing it around during the day produced a lot of sweat.

I have had shoulder pain as a result of over-use on and off for some time (this time it was from swinging a pick-axe for several hours on end). Typically, I just wait it out until it heals up and the pain goes away. Thought I would give a brace a try and ended up wearing it to bed every night for a week or two. The pain went away fairly quickly and my shoulder felt better than it had in a long time.

I would recommend this product despite its drawbacks.


Much More Than Expected. I had a series of appointments with Physical Therapist and my should was fine for several months. Then as a result of not doing the recommended exercises, the pain came back. I still wanted to be active, so before mowing, I put on this brace. The next morning, I realized that I had not awakened in pain at all during the night and that I wasn't having any side effects from the mowing. I have mowed twice since then with the same great results. I will be 80 in less than a month, so this is extremely great news and results for me.