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Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️
Massage Roller Ball ™️

Massage Roller Ball ™️

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What is the Massage Roller Ball?

Featuring a unique design the roller ball provides an effective massaging technique that helps to ease stress and tension by spreading pressure, which will leave you feeling relaxed. The roller ball is durable and easy to use and can also be used wet or dry.

How does the Massage Roller Ball work?

The durable roller ball works by providing a very effective massaging technique and has an omnidirectional ball that spreads pressure, which helps to relieve stress and tension to leave you feeling relaxed. The roller ball is easy and comfortable to use and helps to reduce stress on your fingers, hands, and elbows. The roller ball can be used hot or cold as well as dry or with a range of massage oils. 

The roller ball can be used anytime at home to help relieve stress and tension and is also suitable for professional use too.


size: 6.5 x 6cm / 2.56 x 2.36" (D x H)
color: Deep green, pink, purple, blue (Optional)
Weight: :142g




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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Love them! Bought a set for myself (for the benefit of me and my boyfriend) and then liked them so I bought a set for my parents for Christmas. The balls are heavy but not tooo heavy, and the white part you hang onto is lightweight, but sturdy. They roll extremely smoothly. I think the size is perfect and I also like how easily you can do a symmetrical massage!


The little wonders are great for any aches and pains that you may in your muscles - from pains resulting from overworked muscles or that are stress-induced. Using both at the same time on larger muscles (such as [in spirals] on your back) provides a luxurious sensations worthy of any spa treatment. I also frequently have tension headaches, and one massager working over the tension in my scalp provides more relief than OTC pain killers. (The only issue is that the gap between ball and cup can sometime grab your hair, so be mindful of that, and try to keep the white cups parallel to the plane of the surface being massaged.)


Perfect for our needs! We are using this now to relax the muscles on a 39 week pregnant lady (me!) and it works beautifully.

The real reason for purchase is to put pressure on my back during delivery. The lower back can become excruciatingly painful and the hope is that these balls will do the trick. I'll post an update to let you know how it all worked out.


These balls are amaze balls! As for the previews reviews stating that the edges are too sharp...they where a bit rough, but not sharp. They haven't ever caught on mine or hubby's skin. Husband even has a lot of back and chest hair (TMI perhaps?) and it DOESN'T get caught in his manly hair.

They roll smooth and are easy to grip. I got them specifically because my husband like deep tissue massage and after about 5 min my hands get fatigued. With these babies I can go deep without hand fatigue. Perfect.


I was a little hesitant about buying these because I've never used something like this before, but I wanted to get something to help my husband out who has back problems. I wanted something that would be most effective in giving him relief and in giving my hands a break. These were perfect for the job! He loves how they can get into tough knots or kinks and press hard without making my hands sore. I don't recommend using them over top of clothes, especially loose clothes, because they get caught in the rollers. Other than that, these are awesome!