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Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️
Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️

Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion ™️

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What is Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion?

Sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on your tailbone and hips. Say goodbye to sore, stiff muscles caused by sitting all day in the office or long car rides.  Sitting on the Honeycomb Gel Seat Cushion alleviate your spine and backside by conforming to your tailbone and  Piriformis, therefore absorbing pressure points.

  • Strong and durable, retains its shape, making it a great back pain seat and orthopedic seat.
  • The honeycomb grid allows air to circulate through the cushion so it stays cool to the touch.
  • The unique curve shape conformed to you and provide you with the optimal lumbar support and comfort.


  • Color: Blue.
  • Material: Silicone.
  • Size: 38x30cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I really am impressed with how comfortable this seat is. I have a lot of sciatica nerve problems in my leg. Sitting on my “bum” aggravates it. The pressure from the softest seat hurts. But this design keeps the pressure of sitting off my “bum” and makes my day bearable!


My mom uses this cushion with her wheelchair .
When she has her outings to appointments this cushion is what she uses. She is loves it and is very happ


This is a great cushion. My grandpa uses it in the house and when we go on long car rides. He's a 'big man' built larger than most, not overweight just larger and this cushion makes him happy. When I first saw it I wondered if it would work for him or if he would be happy- he's very picky- so I wouldn't even blame the product If he did have an issue- but he LOVES it. Just so happy about it I'm surprised but happy. It is EXACTLY as described, you get what you see. and the nice case to put it in. He has arthritis and other issues in that area, and this helps relieve a lot of discomfort on long car rides and when he's sitting in his recliner and dining room chair. Probably going to have to buy another one lol


i've read many of the reviews saying it's too small. Did you but a different cushion? This one fits any of our chairs here at home. I'm not a big "seated" person and this cushion fits me very well. No hangover on the sides or not too big either. Very comfortable and easy to take with you. Someone said it was sliding around in their wheelchair. The cover has a non slip surface on the bottom so it shouldn't slip anywhere when seated upon. I recommend it highly. I bought 2 so my wife can have one. Some of the reviews don't seem to be for THIS cushion.

1 is not enough.

We use this for my mom who is wheelchair bound. She's not had any sores or skin breakdown since using it. She uses it everyday and we've not had a problem washing the cover or having the gel break.