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Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Child Car Seat Neck Support
Physiotherapy Tool

Child Car Seat Neck Support

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The Child Car Seat Neck Support solves a significant problem facing parents worldwide: bobbing heads - when children fall asleep sitting up in their car seat or high back booster, their heads naturally start flopping forward, making the ride uncomfortable and definitely less secure. 

This is a very common and irritating situation. Child Car Seat Neck Suppor is a smart, sophisticated, yet simple to use.


  • Adjusts to every head size
  • Minimal forehead contact, the maximum movement
  • Made from advanced "no sweat" materials
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple to use for parents and kids
  • Reduces driver distraction and gives parents peace of mind

Comfortable for children and helpful for parents

It is cozy and comfortable. When the child is awake the forehead strap is positioned above the child's head without touching it. When the child falls asleep the forehead strap is lowered to the forehead leaving about 1-2 cm between the strap and the child's head. Child Car Seat Neck Support is not restrictive and allows for maximum movement while keeping the child's head comfortably upright.

Child Car Seat Neck Support is helpful for parents, as it frees them from having to worry about their sleeping child's head while they are driving and allows them to focus completely on the road, without distraction.

Suitable for any baby/ child seats. Provide good child's head support and Relieves neck strain

Package Included:

1 x Child Car Seat Neck Support 

Fabric: cotton
Size: 30 * 2.8cm


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