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Baby Hip-Waist Carrier
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier
Baby Hip-Waist Carrier

Baby Hip-Waist Carrier

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 Are you tired of carrying baby, especially while travelling? 

Do you get frequent backaches after doing so? Then this unique Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is perfect for you

Allow yourself to be a caring parent without putting a strain on your bones and muscles by getting yourself a carrier that’s not only comfortable for your baby but also for you!

Introducing the Baby Hip-Waist Carrier, a worthy companion that’s a waist belt for you, the parent, and a hip seat for your precious little one! Now you can spend less time apart by bringing him or her with you wherever you go, and this hip seat ensures that your energy doesn’t all go to carrying your baby. 

  • Can carry up to 20 kilograms
  • Made from polyester and cotton
  • Features a silicon surface that will keep your baby from slipping!

Baby Hip-Waist Carrier has an adjustable strap that can fit most sizes and can provide the utmost comfort and support. The Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is guaranteed safe because it is made up of non-toxic material. It does not have any unpleasant odours. 

It is made up of 100% polyester material, medical food-grade silicon surface and EPP shock-absorbent cushion that can support the baby well. 

This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier contains 1 side zipper pocket where you can put your regular things like cell phones.

You can use it with 3 distinctive carrying positions: Horizontal Position, Inward Facing and Forward-Facing.

This is an amazing solution to diminished stress in your back when you carry your infant at your home, outdoors, or while you travel. This is intended for young moms and dads who need to carry their youngster easily. 

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Customer Reviews

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We got this carrier when the baby was 2 months. Perfect for when she did not want to be in the wearable type carrier. It saved my arm! Although baby was too small to sit on the seat, I could hold her and rest my elbow and forearm on the seat. Now she is 3 months, and she can sleep lying down in my arms with her bottom resting on the seat. It takes the bulk of her weight. The seat is very thick and supportive, and has non-slip grip. The Velcro belt is wide and well-padded, and it has a second, adjustable buckle-style belt over the top for added security. Once on, it doesn't move or slip. It is so comfortable and looks great, too. Oh, and the cell phone pocket is big enough for my Samsung, in the otterbox, with a pop socket to fit with room to spare.


This product is amazing. I wasn’t sure at first but being a 65 year old grandmother my arm was getting sore from taking care of my granddaughter age 19 months. So I tried this out. The very first time using it was so easy. You just have to make sure you get it really tight around your waist. I put it on put her on it and what a difference. My arm did not hurt and all I did was put my arm around her. We went to a music and movement class and I got compliments on it. No one has seen it before and they where really interested in the item. The owner of the music and movement class is going to let all the other moms know. Thank you for a wonderful product that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg.


WOW! My back feels cured already! I usually purchase the most expensive always assuming that they are the best in quality. However, not only a great price, and not only does it look sharper than the others out on the market, but I immediately felt a major difference on the relief it had on my back! Oh and let me add that my one and a half year old son loved it immediately as well! He loves to be carried and now I can carry him in longer standing times. THANK YOU!


I’ve been seeing other brands with this same design for much more expensive on IG, but figured I’d try this one before commiting to something more expensive. Nope! This one works perfectly.

The strap is wide, secure, and supportive with both velcro and a belt so when you wear it, it feels solidly attached to you. My little one is almost 6 months old and about 14 pounds. His new thing is only falling asleep at night when me or the hubby walks him around the house. Thanks to this, we can walk him around for as long as it takes!! Highly recommmend for the price and quality.


How did I go so long without one of these?! This device is seriously liberating. I can carry my 1 year old around so much easier now. My kid hates being worn because it’s restricting. She loves this thing. It fits nicely around my waist. It is supportive for us both. There’s a perfectly sized pocket in the front for phone/keys/whatever. Buy one!!