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Simple Nerve Flossing Exercises to Help Resolve Arm Pain

Simple Nerve Flossing Exercises to Help Resolve Arm Pain

Our nerves are also tissues that get tight and can cause us more trouble than we realize! 

What exactly is nerve stretching?

Nerve stretches do not really ’stretch’ the nerves, but instead, they help to improve the movement of the nerves through the joints and muscles by improving their ability to slide and glide. Similar to our muscles, the nerves in our bodies can also become tight. It can be due to staying in a position for too long, or due to the tightening of muscles around the nerves.

Nerve stretches can reduce the tightness in the nerves and help relieve pain that is associated with nerves. 

Most people will experience numbness/tingling in hand at some point in their lives.

There are 3 main nerves in the upper extremities.

1️⃣Median Nerve

The median nerve is the nerve that runs along the palmer side of our wrist and can sometimes be compressed in the wrist resulting in a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Persons with CTS normally complain of tingling or numbness in the thumb and fingers, in particular, the index and middle fingers.

2️⃣Ulnar Nerve

The ulnar nerve is also commonly known as the “funny bone” nerve. Prolonged gaming can sometimes stress the ulnar nerve and cause pain at the wrist.

3️⃣Radial Nerve

Radial nerve tightness may experience numbness, pins and needles or pain on the upper arm, elbow and outside half of the thumb.

Each nerve has a different sensory distribution in the hand.

Floss the nerve 10 repetitions at a time and do this a few times each day until your symptoms disappear!

Never Flossing by @k.r.physiomalta 

Here we stretch out and mobilize (also knows as nerve flossing/gliding) the three major nerves running from the neck through the arm



Give them a try for releasing tightness in the neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Any tingling or funny feeling will show you that this is exactly what you need!😄


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