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Should you be flossing? Muscle and Joint Flossing For Better Mobility ?

Should you be flossing? Muscle and Joint Flossing For Better Mobility ?

Muscle and Joint Flossing has been implemented by physiotherapist of lately. It is a process where a bands is use to wrap around a certain muscle or joint to provide  compression. The rise could be contributed largely due to interest from the CrossFit community, where it is implemented as a mobility tool for their athletes to do prior to the competition and training. Book like The Supple Leopard provide in depth explanation on how an athlete could perform muscle and joint flossing using the "Voodoo Bands"

This same concept is use in a clinical physiotherapy setting for post injury or surgery but data on such treatment is very limited as there is a  lack of good clinical trials being done currently.

Common injuries such as sprained ankles, torn muscles and easing muscle and joint stiffness can benefit from flossing.

These benefits includes:

  • Band tension on the muscles and joint can help promote mobility & break up scar tissue .
  • Releasing the band causes influx of blood flow that helps promote healing and removal of unwanted substances in the tissue .
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage in the area to promote healing

How to perform Muscle and Joint Flossing


 Applying Muscle and Joint Flossing on Ankle


  Applying Muscle and Joint Flossing on Knee


  Applying Muscle and Joint Flossing on Small joint - Finger


There is still a lack of research into use of floss bands that is backed with scientific explanation on the reliability of the research outcomes generally lacking. Bohlen et al. (2014) where they examined the effect of knee flossed on blood flow occlusion of the lower leg and found, while there was some improvement in strength, that reactive hyperaemic arterial blood flow showed no change. 

  • Case report on Achilles tendinopathy (Borda & Selhorst, 2017) 

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