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How to Rehab Tennis Elbow

How to Rehab Tennis Elbow

There are 2 well known conditions of the elbow nicknamed tennis elbow (lateral/outside) and golfer's elbow (medial/inside).

Tennis elbow is a repetitive use injury of the wrist extensors- the most commonly irritated muscle is the extensor carpi radialis brevis. But often the entire extensor group is pretty unhappy.

Tennis elbow is cause by repetitive overloading use of the muscle causing the tendon to become irritated and eventually start to break down.

Common feedback by patient experiencing lateral (outside) epicondylitis are:

  • hand/grip weakness
  • pain in the elbow
  • burning/tingling
  • pain right at the "elbow bone" which is actually the radial head

Here's a few Rehab you can implement daily to get better.

1) UNLOAD/RELOAD by @dr.jacob.harden 

UNLOAD: take stress off

  • Rest from exacerbating activities (heavy gripping, twisting, and wrist extension)
  • Use a tennis elbow strap to reduce stress on the tendon

RELOAD: build resiliency back up

  • Apply controlled stress to the tendon to cause adaptation. Resisted extension and rotation work well
  • Build pain free ROM with isometrics
  • Strengthen ROM with eccentrics or full range training
  • Build long term resiliency with weight training (reverse grip bicep curls are my favorite for this)

 2) Forearm Release by @synaptyxperformance 



The Key is not to spend hours “rolling the knots out” of your forearm, but to use these releases to aid in your rehab back to unrestricted loading strategies.

3) Tennis Elbow Fix by @bjgaddour 



Final Note

If you have had tennis elbow in the past or are recovering from it now, try these exercises to help strengthen your forearm muscles and improve function. Strengthening the muscles and avoiding repetitive motions can go a long way in helping to avoid this issue in the future.

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