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How to Improve Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility

How to Improve Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility

Shoulder pain and problems are widespread among athletes. Get rid of them by improving shoulder flexibility and mobility.

For weightlifters, Inflexible shoulders can get in the way of quite a few of your significant lifts: namely the squat, military press, and bench press.

When most people think of shoulder flexibility, they typically focus solely on the ball socket joint where your arm bone connects to your shoulder bone.

However, it’s just as essential to maintaining the flexibility of the muscles and joints that support the glenohumeral bone – mainly your scapula (shoulder blade) and your upper trunk. Without sufficient flexibility in the rest of your body, you tend to cause more wear-and-tear on your shoulder.

Fortunately, you can overcome shoulder pain and inflexibility reasonably quickly if you address it properly.

 Here are some drills you can do for better shoulder flexibility

1) Y, W, T with a suspension Trainer by @BSDFITNESS

The rear delts, medium trapezius, and infra spindadus!

These muscles are so important; These muscles will help in your posture by pulling your shoulders back and helping you stand with a more profound stance.

Now is this a permanent fix?
No! This may be as a slow process, but it is a rewarding one.

Why might you ask? 
Well if your chest is stronger than your back or some muscles in your back are lacking your shoulders will roll forward and then it will cause help in poor posture!

But if your back is even out with your chest and these muscles along with others are equally strong, they will balance out and keep your posture straight!

If you ever find a Suspension Trainer, you are sure to do this! Even with dumbbells on a bench can help!

If you are looking for an affordable Suspension Trainer,
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2) Functional External / Internal Rotation Drill by @will_mcs


The Secret to good shoulder health can be found in the functionality of the internal and external rotators of the shoulder. The rotator cuff consists of 4 muscles: Subscapularis, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, and Teres minor. Isolating each muscle can be beneficial if you are dealing with imbalances. But if you are looking for a functional drill to tackle both internal and external rotation, this is it.


1. Grab a dowel or towel.
2. Place behind the back (top hand about level with the end of the head and bottom side approximately level with the waistline). Note- if this is overly difficult extend the arms out a bit more.
3. Lift the dowel/ towel off of the back and lift up and down and a slow controlled tempo (2 seconds up/ 2 seconds down).
4. Repeat 10/12 times on each side for symmetry x 3 sets)

3) Shoulder Tea Cup by @will_mcs


The Shoulder Tea Cup Drill was initially developed as a Ba Gua practice (a branch of KungFu). Ba Gua is an art that is built using coiling power, made from the legs, through the waist, expressed out to the arms and hands.

Coiling Power is naturally developed without excessive muscular tension by the Spiraling of the Joints. The body becomes more integrated as the training develops.

The Shoulder Tea Cup, from a mechanical standpoint, allows for excellent motor control development but also takes your shoulder through many end ranges and is a highly effective drill for rehab considering its low impact.

You can use a shoe, yoga block, ball or if you're feeling confident a teacup. With your palm in front of your belly button and facing up as if you were holding a cup lead with your thumb, move your hand up over your head, spiralling around over the top of the head and back to the beginning, always maintaining an upward facing palm.
30 seconds-60 seconds can be sufficient. Try it out.

 4) Shoulder mobility prep by @cherie_amour05

SHOULDER focused warmup prep: just a few progressive ideas to get the shoulders and upper back going before an OVERHEAD or a BENCH day.

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