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3 Advance Shoulder Stability Drill You Should Try

3 Advance Shoulder Stability Drill You Should Try

If you have restricted shoulder or thoracic range of motion try out this 3 Shoulder stability drills to reduce shoulder pain and Increase mobility.

1. Sleeper Stretch
by @functionalrangeconditioning


  • This Internal rotation stretch (called the sleeper stretch) targets the joint capsule.
  • The capsule regulates joint space.
  • Inadequate space ➡️ improper joint coupling ➡️ abhorrent joint function.

Working on this can make a huge difference how your shoulders move and function.

2. Banded Shoulder stretch
by @dr.jakubowski


Secure a mobility band to a squat rack or bed post (something solid that won't move), hug your knees to your chest, and then relax your shoulder as you slowly rotate in the opposite direction. You will feel the stretch mainly in the anterior aspect of the shoulder.

Perform a 1 minute hold, 2 sets.

3. Shoulder Mobility with the kettlebell


The ability to move the shoulder blade to exercise isolated. With Controlled Articular Rotations (= CARs) for the scapula. In the video you can see a version of it with additional weight. This is an advanced version and at the beginning it is enough to practice the movement unloaded.

The goal is to move the scapula through the largest possible range of motion on the chest. This may look a bit choppy, because you should try to make the movement in all directions as far as possible (before, up, back, down).

Try it out 5-10 rotations in each direction. Slow and controlled. Make the movement as big as possible. Ideally, do not allow movement of the head, elbow or thoracic spine. First without weight, at some point start with a light load.

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